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My name is Jo. I am a licensed Firework career coach and life coach with an M.A. in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy.  I offer tailor-made online career coaching and life coaching using a creative approach. I also offer bespoke coaching packages specifically for mothers, parent-carers and carers. I’m based in Devon, but work with people all over the UK and internationally. Book your FREE session today!

My one-to-one career and life coaching packages are tailor-made to meet your individual challenges and needs.  

My bespoke career coaching and life coaching packages are based on the following principles:

• You are at your most powerful when you are your authentic self
• When you are truly in your element you flourish
• Self-knowledge is the foundation for successful change

We are creating all the time even when we don’t see ourselves as creative. We create stories about who we are and what we can be. We create relationships, opportunities, dead-ends and second chances. What will you create?

What my clients say…

you have helped me enormously to work out what is important and what is not, what is helpful and what is not and to identify tools and strategies to set me on my path to the future. I would recommend you unhesitatingly…

Jane, Surrey

I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Jo. I felt safe to speak my mind and explore ideas and confident in her abilities as she helped me through some difficult processes and helped me to make real lasting changes to the way I approach certain things. I am now in a very different and much more positive place. Thank you very much for everything.

Richard, Ashburton

The course has widened my perspectives of myself and others, and really helped me to get myself back on track with my calling in life after the whirlwind of an early experience of motherhood.

Heather, Wimbledon

I offer three life coach programmes to help you thrive…

Holistic Career Coaching

Holistic Career Coaching

A holistic, research based career coaching programme with a certified Fireworks coach to help you identify a career that is right for you and a plan of how to create it. Or Career Coaching Plus: when other areas of your life need attention too.

Creative Life Coaching

Creative Life Coaching

1-1 life coaching when you want to make your life a ‘life well lived’. Together we will create a life coaching programme for you to build the self-knowledge, skills and confidence to wholeheartedly live your life.


Programmes for parents and carers

Tailor-made online coaching programmes for you when, as a mother, parent, or carer you struggle to connect with who you are now and how to put yourself back in the picture. 

How can a Life Coach or Career Coach help? Coaching supports you to have good quality thinking. Quality thinking that includes your whole self, i.e. your curiosity, creativity, knowledge, experience, feelings, senses and intuitions. A way to unscramble your thoughts and generate valuable ideas when you’ve got stuck and don’t know how to go forward.
Life Coaching and Career Coaching also help create safe ways to test out your thinking and build confidence in your actions. When you are supported to think in this way it can save time and energy and lead to more confident and effective action.

Location and Services

I am a licensed career coach and life coach based in England, in South Hams, Devon and am local to Totnes, Dartington and Ashburton. Newton Abbot is the biggest town nearby and Exeter and Plymouth are the two nearest cities.

However, I offer a comprehensive online career and life coaching service via Zoom if you live anywhere in the UK or Europe. I offer a free introductory session for you to try this way of working so do get in touch today to arrange a free, no obligation coaching session.

If you live locally and want to work face-to-face, please do contact me to arrange a free coaching consultation.

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