If you are a Mother this Valentine’s gift is for you for 2015

Would you like to do things differently in 2015?

Maybe you would but you haven’t had time to give it any real thought – your dreams and needs mostly end up at the bottom of the ‘to do’ list.

Or perhaps you want to make changes but are done with resolutions. They end up as more unattainable goals– the 100% mindful parent, the no1 mum-preneur who is also full-time mum, resident chef, size 0 and and and ….

I ‘m offering an alternative approach for 2015  (and a special  Valentine’s offer see below)- to give you time and space to reconnect with yourself, listen deeply and forge your place in the world from a stance of awareness. This is a tailor-made, 1-1 creative coaching programme that is especially for mothers (how ever old your children are).

During the 1-1 phone sessions we will cut through all the white noise to glean what is essential to you and how to honour this in your life circumstances.

“Jo has been a real support and her Life Coaching sessions have been inspirational in ways I could not have imagined.”

Areas that you may like to work on could include:

  • replenishment: carve out time and space to nourish + support yourself
  • identity: find what truly matters to you + makes your heart sing
  • wholehearted living: find your big ‘Yes’ to life + how to sustain this
  • work: clarify your values, priorities, what you offer + what work fits best
  • creativity: permission to play, experiment, get messy, make mistakes, ask questions of life and invent the answers

You are unique so the Creative Life Coaching for Mothers programme reflects this. The first step is to book a no obligation free consultation session to talk about what a programme that meets your needs would look like.

I know it can be hard to prioritise yourself, so I have a Valentine Offer – if you book a consultation call before the 14th Feb and decide the programme is right for you, I’ll gift you 10% off your first 4 sessions.

If you have an inkling this may be for you, I’d love to fix a time to talk to you so please contact me and we will arrange a time.

If you aren’t quite ready to contact me but want to know more, check out creative-life-coaching-for-mothers.



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