I hear it calling me

Collectively created by the Feb 2016 Creative Writing meets Life Coaching for Mothers group.


I hear it calling me

love once removed

but he removed my belongings

and I moved on.


I didn’t know I would

fall in love with a man like I have.

A place that feels like home.

I think my treasure trove

is over-flowing.

How warm, how holding.


How have I managed to keep a lid on it for so

long, without it bursting open, contents flying

explosively around my head, a snow globe

whirling with excitement and wonder

like pebbles on a shoreline, tumble

and flow, come and go.


They needed the salt of a mother’s tears

cried into an ocean.


I look into the lichen

of you and remember to love.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a knitter

more of a collector of yarn

trying to gather all my fragments,

the shards on the kitchen floor

beautiful as crystals.


I love cotton reels and buttons.

I love beautiful things.

I love breathing the purple into my eyes.





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