The holistic Career Coaching Plus Programme

This is a tailor-made 1-1 programme that includes all the elements of the Firework career process you need as well as personal coaching specifically to support the changes you want to make.

What you do for work is part of the whole landscape of your life. When you start to consider changing parts of this it can raise questions about how this fits with the surrounding terrain. The most obvious questions for most of us are:

  • will I be able to pay the bills?

  • will it be worth my while?

  • what will my family and friends have to say?

  • is it fair on everyone else if I focus on finding out what works for me?

Then there are questions about what it means to change your role. What am I if I am no longer a programme manager, physiotherapist, teacher, musician, creative director or full-time mother? How will that impact my life? However competent and outwardly confident you are, there might also be that horrible, crushing voice that tells you not to bother even thinking about change because it will all end in failure any way.

The Career Coaching Plus Programme is tailor-made so that you can work on what you need to address these dilemmas with more poise and confidence so that your career change can be a genuinely positive opportunity for you.

This has enabled me to become more focussed on both professional and personal goals and developing an inner discipline in order to achieve them.

Career Coaching Plus – Devon & UK

How does the Career Coaching Plus Programme work?

Contemplating change can often bring up strong feelings, both in yourself and in those around you. On top of that, the people who you love and care about may well have something invested in your decisions. They may want to see you live out the dreams they never fulfilled. Or perhaps they are filled with anxiety if they see you deviating from what they think is a safe path.

It takes courage to think about changing things in your life, and this extra layer can make it very challenging to say the least. Do contact me if this rings a bell and you are wondering how to move forward. Together we will devise a programme so that you have a solid foundation to make the changes you want to.  Sometimes this involves working on very practical steps.  At other times you may want to look at some of the more emotional obstacles you find yourself facing.

This has been exactly what I needed to kick-start some positive change. It has encouraged me to think outside my comfort zone, more positively and more openly and I see evidence in my every day actions. It has exceeded any expectations I had.

Career Coaching Plus is all about listening to you, to make that change possible.

We can create tailor made exercises that will help you move forward step-by-step, so you can build up your ‘managing change muscles’ and establish self-support practices that work for you. From this place, change can move from being too much to contemplate to being an exciting challenge.

Each person is unique and the Career Coaching Plus Programme reflects this. Taking this whole life approach can be an excellent way for people to feel fully confident and prepared to create the life and career that genuinely works for them.

The number of sessions you wish to have will depend on what you want to work on and your circumstances. Some people fix a set number of sessions; other people prefer to set up blocks of sessions over a period of time to allow them to work ideas into practice and then review. Other people prefer to have a more on-going arrangement. We can agree a pattern of sessions that will work for you.
If you are interested in how this could work for you I offer a free, no-obligation consultation session, simply contact me to arrange a mutually convenient time to talk.

I offer a comprehensive life and careers coaching service if you live anywhere in the UK. I usually do zoom coaching with my clients as I find it such an effective way to work. I offer a free consultation for you to try this way of working so do get in touch today to arrange a free, no obligation session. For clients living locally in the South Hams area of Devon I can also offer some face-to-face sessions.

Want to know more?

If you are curious to see how this programme could help you in these challenging times
contact me for a free consultation session.

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