Is coaching right for me? Coaching as I see it is for people, who are keen to make changes in their lives and are ready to try extending their comfort zone, be honest with themselves and risk putting their plans into action.

Coaching particularly benefits people who:

  • enjoy exploring ideas with another person
  • are willing to respond to constructive feedback
  • become motivated by having someone to report back to and celebrate their successes
  • are willing to learn from things that did not go as planned
  • are willing to try out new ways of being even when this challenges them

There are many different kinds of coaches and coaching works best when the chemistry is right and you feel able to grant the coaching process power.

My approach is that:

  • coaching brings together two creative, resourceful people, the coach and coachee
  • the alliance is more powerful than the output of two individuals working separately
  • the relationship itself is a rich vein to mine and often reveals your strengths and talents
  • when we both bring our curiosity, intuition and creativity, solutions emerge that may otherwise have remained hidden

I particularly enjoy devising creative tasks tailored to fit a person’s unique goals and needs. I also enjoy helping people develop the self-confidence to make meaningful changes. I believe if we ditch the notion of being perfect we are freer to learn not just from our successes but also from the times when we have tried but failed to hit the mark. I find it is often our imperfect moments that teach us the most if we let them.

Is Coaching Right for You

Most coaches will offer a free consultation or trial session so do feel free to trial coaches until you find the right one for you.  I offer a free, no obligation consultation, so if you’d like to know more about how we could work together, please contact me to fix up a mutually convenient time to talk.

Want to know more?

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