Creative Life Coaching

Is Creative Life Coaching for me?

This tailor made 1-1Creative Life Coaching Programme is for you when you want to make changes and take more control of your life. Some of the areas you may want to change are:

  • Replenishment – carve out the time and space for yourself to do something that inspires and nourishes you

  • Identity – find what truly matters to you now, what gives life meaning and makes your heart sing

  • Wholehearted living – discover what will make your life well–lived

  • Creativity – permission to experiment, make mistakes, ask questions of life and invent the answers

  • Your relationships – get to know what would foster the qualities you want in your relationships

  • Personal growth – extend into your life so it really reflects your core values

Creative Life Coaching – Devon & UK

Why work with a Life Coach?

When you are at your best you probably know what you need to do next to live a more fulfilled life. You can catch yourself when you are going through the motions and know that to live wholeheartedly you need to take some time to reflect, re-plot your course and make a commitment to maintain this new-direction.

Simple, but often in the lives we live it can feel really tough to justify taking time for yourself – especially if it is hard to put in to words exactly why you need it. And, if you do snatch some time by yourself you can end up going round and round in circles and feel more lost and overwhelmed.

You may have had times when you have come up with some great plans and resolutions. But then you find yourself losing steam and slipping back into self-recriminations, over-work, reaching for the cake, the bottle of wine, the TV remote or what ever off-switch you use. It is hard to keep the commitment to your self and habit re-establishes itself.

I loved your calm, wise, understanding, non-judgemental, encouraging, fun, holistic approach to life coaching. I think I was very lucky to chance upon you and I feel you have helped me enormously.

Anon, Suffolk

How does working with your a Life Coach help?

When you work with me you immediately have an ally, someone who believes in you and can help you notice those self-limiting beliefs and behaviours that get in your way. We will establish a method of listening to what you have to say that enables you to hear through all the white noise to what is essential.  We will identify what changes you wish to make and create experiments and action plans that work for you.

This has been exactly what I needed to kick-start some positive change. It has encouraged me to think outside my comfort zone, more positively and more openly and I see evidence in my every day actions. It has exceeded any expectations I had.

Anon, London

With a coach you have the benefit of someone to:

  • identify self limiting beliefs and behaviours

  • establish clarity

  • build your self-confidence muscles

  • break down huge challenges into manageable steps

  • review what works (and doesn’t) and build on what works

  • hold you accountable

  • create practices that keep you on track

The number of sessions you wish to have will depend on what you want to work on and your circumstances. Some people fix a set number of weekly sessions, others prefer a block of sessions over a period of time and some people have a more on-going arrangement. We can agree a pattern of sessions that will work for you.

Want to know more?

If you are curious to see how this programme could help you in these challenging times
contact me for a free consultation session.

I offer a comprehensive zoom coaching service to clients anywhere in the UK and internationally. For clients living locally in the South Hams area of Devon I can also offer some face-to-face sessions.

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