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Mary Cassatt - Rosenwald Collection

Mary Cassatt – Rosenwald Collection

When I became a mother the whole axis of my life shifted. I was knocked sideways by being the person ultimately responsible for this tiny miracle every moment of every day and night, regardless of who else was around.

I hadn’t quite bargained for this, or that my relationship to myself and everyone else would be so altered. My own mother, my friends, my partner, my work are all in different places in my world now. I can’t find them where they used to be.

The Time for YOU groups I run were born out of finding there were other mothers who wanted space, tools and support to get a handle on who they had become since being a mother.  They knew taking time for themselves was needed, it wasn’t a luxury (though it felt indulgent).

They got that it wasn’t important if they could write ‘well’ or not, it was the power of sharing their stories and really listening to what these stories told them about themselves that was essential.

I’d like to develop what I offer further and would love to hear your experiences for my research on how motherhood changes us.

If you would like to help, contact me and I will arrange for a time we can talk on the phone for approximately an hour about how motherhood has impacted you. Your answers will be logged anonymously and used to help shape a service I want to create for mothers.

As a thank you for your time I would like to offer you a free 1-2-1 coaching session for yourself so you can focus on you and your needs. Just contact me and we will arrange a time that suits to talk.

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You feel different since becoming a mother and it is not just about how you spend your time its also about how you feel about things, what genuinely moves you that didn’t before and what is important to you now.

You can’t go back to how you were but you don’t have the time or space in your normal day to even begin to take stock of what this change means to you. You have an inkling it could be a positive change, a call to grow further into yourself but you are not sure how.

It is relief when you can find a way back to yourself and can be honest about how things really are, where this isn’t just tolerated but is genuinely valued and people aren’t comparing you to some crazy ideal none of us measures up to.

It is hard weathering the whole gamut of thoughts and feelings that motherhood provokes and it feels like it is time to drop anchor, steady yourself and re-plot your own course.

You may not think of yourself as a writer or creative person but finding the right image or words to express yourself and then really listening to what this tells you makes real sense to you.

Or, you may be yearning to re-connect with your own creativity again and express exactly what you want without needing to take care of others.

Whilst it can feel hard to give yourself the permission, you know that time nourishing and re-charging yourself will benefit everyone – you can get over-looked when you are focusing on everyone else’s needs first.

What you are doing day to day is big work, even if it doesn’t get a fanfare and you deserve a pit stop team to support you.

If you can relate to some or most of this then I’d really like to hear your experiences Contact me and we will fix a time to talk by phone, I’d love to speak to you.

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