Creative Life Coaching for Mothers, Parents, Parent-carers & Carers

Is Creative Coaching for Mothers, Parents and Carers for you?

This tailor-made, 1-1 life coaching programme is for you when you:

  • need time and space to think about yourself for a change and rediscover who you have become since being a mother, parent or carer

  • give so much of yourself you slip to the bottom of the list and everyone misses out on you’

  • want to take a good look at what your core values are now and how you can currently apply these in you life

  • want to re-discover your passion and purpose and express these in  your daily life

  • want to bring more balance and joy into your life

  • want to think about your career and what would work best for you now

Creative Life Coaching for Mothers

Why work with a Life Coach?

When you work with me on this Creative Life Coaching programme you immediately have an ally, someone who believes in you, will give you the time and space to take centre stage and help you notice those self-limiting beliefs and behaviours that get in your way.

We will establish a method of listening to what you have to say that enables you to hear through all the white noise to what is essential. We will identify what changes you wish to make and create experiments and action plans that work for you.

With a coach you have the benefit of someone to help:

  • identify self limiting beliefs and behaviours

  • establish clarity

  • build your self-confidence muscles

  • break down huge challenges into manageable steps

  • review what works (and doesn’t) and build on what works

  • hold you accountable

  • create practices that keep you on track

Do I have to be creative?

You may not think of yourself as a creative person but you are creating all the time; creating stories about who we are and what we can be, creating the relationships around you, opportunities for you and your family, the dead-ends and second chances. Together we can work with that creative part, listen to your words and how you express yourself now and pay attention to what this shows us about what you need.

This is a tailor-made programme so we can find the way to work that brings out your best and most creative self. This may be, for example, through interesting exercises, setting up experiments, using expressive writing, or working with imagery and metaphors in the way we talk about things. Everyone is different and there is no pressure to be creative in a particular ‘idealized’ way – this is about finding a way to resource you, not to demand another thing from you.

If you are already an artist, writer, musician, actor or maker you may be yearning to re-connect with your own creativity again and wondering how to do this. Together we can work out how to make this a real possibility in your life.

Creative Life Coaching for Mothers

Re-discovering what is genuinely meaningful to you can help you find the direction you need to take next.  It can also give you more balance, poise and joy in your life, which has a knock-on effect on your parenting.

I now have many images in my tool kit, which incorporate a thousand words and feelings in one single picture, and express my feelings far better and with greater depth than a thousand words ever could. These images help to clarify and bring into sharp focus my thoughts on my values, strengths, passions, goals and life path. I have found this invaluable.

Anon, Oxford

Want to know more?

If you are curious to see how this programme could help you in these challenging times
contact me for a free consultation session.

How does the Creative Life Coaching for Mothers, Parents and Carers programme work?

You are unique and the Creative Life Coaching programme reflects this. The first step is to book a no obligation free consultation session for us to talk and create a programme that responds directly to what you need.

This is tailor-made because:

  • you don’t need yet another demand to fit around someone else’s agenda

  • you need something that is unique and takes in to account your history, circumstances and where you are now

  • or you already know a fair bit about yourself and personal development – it is how this works in your reality that you want support with

  • or as a mother you are already in the helping professions and you need something extra

  • you need a programme that acknowledges your depth and works at your pace

The number of Creative Life Coaching sessions you have will depend on what you want to work on and your circumstances. Some people fix a set number of sessions, others prefer blocks of sessions or have a more on-going arrangement. A good guide would be to allow 3 months and then review. We can agree a pattern of sessions that will work for you.

If you are interested in how the Creative Life Coaching for Mothers, Parents, Parent-carers and Carers could work for you I offer a free, no obligation consultation session; simply contact me to arrange a mutually convenient time to talk.

Creative Life Coaching for Mothers

Want to know more?

If you are curious to see how this programme could help you in these challenging times
contact me for a free consultation session.

I offer a comprehensive telephone coaching service to clients anywhere in the UK and internationally. For clients living locally in the South Hams area of Devon I can also offer some face-to-face sessions.

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