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Inner child by Rachel Merrington

 It came to me the other night while imagining all the love I pour into my children, all the effort of trying so hard to get it right for them. I considered the intensity with which I had met motherhood. The massive desire I have to protect them from all harm. It suddenly came to [...]

Inner child by Rachel Merrington2015-01-13T21:13:06+00:00

As an artist I …

The wonderful Julia Cameron uses this phrase as a prompt and so to great effect have the 'Creative Writing meets Life Coaching for Mothers' group.  Here is a piece written by Nell Aurelia which we begged her to share. As an artist I... by Nell Aurelia I crouch in hedges to capture-snap patterns of ivy [...]

As an artist I …2016-12-13T12:54:26+00:00

Passion by Proxy – Tatiana Cant

  Photo by Selby Thomas Right now I have as much passion as a tiny, intrepid fish trapped in a little rock pool on the edge of a gushing river. The cool waters sparkle inviting me to join the roar of life swimming, surging, spilling past. I could touch the crazy creatures if [...]

Passion by Proxy – Tatiana Cant2013-05-02T09:44:15+00:00
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